Thursday, May 20, 2010

Highway to Hel

Yes, I've been on it - and I was actually was in Hel for a couple hours, walked around a bit, rather enjoyed it (obviously this has nothing to do with Ironman training, or the course at St. George). Hel is a town on the tip of a peninsula in Poland that reaches out into the Baltic Sea. During WWII there was a considerable amount of fighting that took place there as the Germans attempted to take the area. There are still some remnants of bunkers and artillery fortifications that were there during and after the war. As it relates to St. George, the Baltic water was 7 degrees C. according to the sign on the beach (roughly 46 degrees if my math is correct). Didn't feel that bad, but the air was a bit chilly too. A nice fog was rolling in at the time as well.

As for training, I've been a bit relaxed since arriving in Poland. Due to weather, a sick baby, and plans that changed due to the flooding in the south where we were headed, and honestly not having the foggiest idea where I am, I've managed to do very little running (and I don't have a wetsuit so swimming in the Baltic is out). Carrying a 20 lb. "little" guy over my left shoulder has been about the extent for me - so glad we have a stroller to push without him in it.

Today was really the first day I've been able to run. Went for about 20 minutes and ran into a group of stray dogs. Decided heading back would be in my best interest. On the way back I had the opportunity to run by a double semi with three levels of pigs on it. I won't forget the sounds, or the smells any time soon (and Tiffany complains about the Port O Potties). Tomorrow is another day - hopefully the weather will be decent and the baby will feel better.

Hopefully some pics to go along with my stories at some point later this week.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Foggy Day in Warsaw

Up early this (Friday) morning so we can head further north for the wedding, but wanted to get some exercise first. Looking out the window I don’t think I’ve ever seen thicker fog (and I’ve been in San Francisco, Seattle and a few other prime locations in buildings at about the same height). So at the moment I can’t see the building across the street, and barely can see the street itself. Got an hour on the stationary bike – felt terrible, and tried to remember the conversions from km to miles oh so many years ago.

Five hour ride to get to Gdansk today – glad I wasn’t driving. Don’t quite understand the rules on passing here (don’t know that anyone else does either). Looking forward to a run in the “sea air” tomorrow befrore we go to the wedding.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Palm Trees in Poland

Got out of Atlanta with a late start, which put us into Minneapolis (44 degrees in May – way too cold) late as well. Total chaos getting boarded on the next flight headed for Amsterdam. The nice people at Delta had upgraded me to Business Class, however, probably not a good idea to take that since Jolanta and Martin weren’t upgraded. Long flight to Amsterdam which arrived a bit late – but saw a couple good movies on the way (Invictus and Hurt Locker). Even better, Martin slept pretty well during the flight. Was wearing the Triabetes shirt – which caught the attention of another T1 from Omaha named Nicole. Chatted with her about exercise, pumps, CGMs, our mission, and the “big event” next May. She was on her way to Germany with her son.

Stopped at the “Crown room comparable” in Amsterdam – 7am and free French champagne! Reasons why we (or at least I) train. Managed to get on the wrong elevator going back to the gates and ended up at the employee entrance – needless to say that caught the attention of a few folks. Had a shorter flight to Warsaw. KLM flight attendants were great. They moved a couple people so the infants in arms could have their own seats alongside their parents Very pleasant and helpful. Energy was running low by the time we got luggage. Met Jolanta’s cousins at the airport and they took us to the hotel. Tried to take a nap – with limited success. Figured maybe a run would help me acclimate – which leads me to the title above.

I asked the concierge if there is a good place to run (if there is I’m not seeing it from my hotel window – just lots of traffic). Looking out the 38th floor window of the hotel she points and says “see the palm tree”? I’m thinking – I’m in Poland, not Florida, and that champagne was only 1 glass – 12 hours ago. But I did spot it took her suggestion – ran past it (without the camera, but I will get a picture), then past many of the embassies, through a nice little park with lots of trees, people sitting on benches, etc. Didn’t see any other runners during my 45 minute adventure – and just a single palm tree, a few bikes, lots of people. Beautiful spring day.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hills and a HRM

Got a good 8 mile run in this afternoon - took my usual route up Collins Hill, but made a loop which added some distance for the day. The usual route was great - the loop on the back end was a bit of a challenge due to the extra hill work, plus the after school traffic forced me to the sidewalks (glad tomorrow is an off day). Last mile is always good because it's downhill (where were they hiding those in Utah?) Picture just a reminder that I stood in line to sign up for this event - hoping to be smiling the day after the race in May 2011.

Also got the replacement watch and HRM from Timex! Will have fun with that as the Chicago Marathon training starts (soon).

Monday, May 10, 2010

Keeping the ball rolling (or getting it started)

Registration confirmed for 5/7/11! Looking forward to that with my Triabetes teammates (the team at left - I'm in the front row - right side).

Race schedule for the summer is being filled in with an eye on 26.2 in Chicago on 10/10/10 as the first step in preparing for next May.

Blog set up, now just a few more things to do as part of the venture into social media. Slowly but surely getting there.